Don Bosco Hall and Youthville Detroit Become One!

Don Bosco Hall was established in 1954 as a beacon of light for those in need. Since that time, Don Bosco Hall continues to establish family relationships and has touched the lives of thousands of children in the City of Detroit and surrounding Metropolitan area. Don Bosco Hall offers an opportunity hub where children, youth and families can be exposed to a wide variety of educational, recreation, and cultural arts and skill development activities.

Recently, Don Bosco Hall acquired Youthville Detroit's programs which are located in the New Center area of the city. The acquisition was a seamless fit because Youthville Detroit and Don Bosco Hall shared like missions, which was to provide positive opportunities for youth. The founder of Youthville Detroit, the late Dr. Gerald K. Smith said "when kids are provided opportunities to be constructively involved and have caring adults in their lives, they make better choices which help them to become better adults". Charles D. Small, President and CEO of Don Bosco Hall is committed to focusing on families, reunification, mentorship, recreation and preparing youth with the interpersonal, technological and educational skills, which enhance their ability to reach their greatest potential. The two agencies which were once separate are now one and have a greater commitment to changing more lives for the better.

Don Bosco Hall and Youthville Detroit has begun their mission as One:

• One in our vision to prepare the youth of today for tomorrow!
• One in our mission to provide safe nurturing places for youth to have fun, dream, learn, and participate!
• One in our commitment to create opportunities for youth to make positive differences in the community!
• One in our goal to improve the quality of life for many youth, children and families!
• One in our determination to be a beacon of light for youth, children and families in need!

Don Bosco Hall-Youthville is excited about the opportunity to continue the work that was begun and we stand ready to serve Detroit and surrounding communities as a dedicated ambassador for positive change for youth, children and families!

Approved agency for the IBM Employee/Retiree Charitable Contribution Campaign (ECCC)